Stocks Trading

Trading of the stocks of different small and large companies (or you may say equities) has been in practice in human history from hundreds of years ago. History tells us that 1415 was the very first year in human life when first stock exchange was established in Bruges, Belgium. It was known as the Bruges family house. Since then, this concept spread all over the world and stock exchanges in Europe, USA and Asia (few) are considered the major stock exchanges in the world.

Stock exchange is a place where stockbrokers meet face to face for share trading of any company they like on a floor or "pit" all in one central place. However, today the electronic trading is seen dominating the stock exchange as the list of products has significantly increased across the globe. Half of the total stock exchange activity of entire world consists on the activity involved in the stock exchanges of the US 100 INDEX and New York Stock Exchange.

The prices on all stock exchanges of the world are generally determined by the buying & selling, continuously performed by the brokers on behalf of their clients. The market positions are actually not taken by the stock exchanges and even any stock exchange is not allowed legally to advise people on what trade position could be beneficial for the people in near future. The only responsibility of any stock exchange is to ensure security, orderly and fairness of the trading orders. There is always a governing body behind every stock exchange in the world.

At Axen FX, your trade is a contract with Axen FX and is not actually put through the exchange. The reason behind is that there is no physical delivery of your trade. This feature gives you the facility of instant execution of stock trading order exactly on the price you see on the screen. In stock exchanges, an order need to be filled by any other party before you place your trading order. At Axen FX, you have the advantage of placing your stock trading order on the exact live price which is being shown on the exchanges without doing any special effort.

Stocks offering by Axen FX:

Axen FX offer the stocks of 12 major companies to trade. We focus only large stock companies of the world, primarily technologically or financially focused. We offer the following NYSE listed shares: Goldman-Sachs, AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, American Express and IBM. The following US 100 INDEX listed shares are also offered to trade at Axen FX: IBM, Google, Apple, Dell, Google and Intel.